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“The first & only vibrator that adapts to your body and can be shaped with the shape you like best”

“There’s no competition: Crescendo is by far the most versatile sex toy on the list”

“The Best Sex Toy for Couples, According to Sex Therapists and Relationship Experts”

“Shaking up the way we have sex and our fundamental ideas about relationship”

“Combining sex and tech that can change shape to however suits you to enhance pleasure”

“MysteryVibe is the company using the latest technology to create adaptive vibrators”

“MysteryVibe is taking back the porn industry and moving sextech from boardrooms to bedrooms”

“The tech-proficient team, smashing myths and embracing scientific advances in sexual wellness”

“Overwhelmingly good! The pleasure was otherworldly. It’s been my favorite to use—and my favorite to recommend to people.“

“The wearable vibrators from Mysteryvibe are the coolest gadget at IFA this year”

“The best new sex toy tech to last longer in bed”

“This toy is just WOW—for your dude and you.”

“This thing feels good and I mean goooooood.”


Explore how you can use MysteryVibe to spice things up. Expand your pleasure experience with our PLAYbook of intimate positions and techniques for solo or partner play.

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Discover and explore a world where every adult has the space, freedom, knowledge and power to elevate their pleasure, sexual health and wellbeing. At MysteryVibe, we invent pleasure products that combine the best of humanity and technology to elevate your sexual health and wellbeing.

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