How To Boost Your Bedroom From Okay To Orgasmic

If you're craving erotic, explosive sex, then this is the step-by-step guide for you!

Published Nov 16 2021 5 min read

Did you know that 2 in 3 people are in a sexual rut or bored with their sex life and over 50% are too embarrassed to talk about what they want in bed with their partner. Speaking to our 50,000 users over the past 5 years we have rounded up the most effective ways to boost your bedroom from boring to breathless.

1. Start With Quality Me-Time

Better partner sex starts with better solo sex. Masturbating is self-care without the pressure to perform or please. 

  • Dream about your favorite naughty fantasies with your partner in it
  • Reach and discover new erogenous zones with a body-adapting vibrator like Crescendo
  • Explore different stimulations with shower heads for a new genital and anal sensation
  • Try discreet public masturbation with an app-controlled wearable vibrator like Poco
  • Edge yourself - get close to orgasming, stop, repeat - have a mind-blowing finale  

Rolls Royce of VibratorsAdd to this, masturbation comes with a plethora of health benefits by getting your dopamines and endorphins flowing:

  • Less stress
  • Less anxiety
  • Better sleep
  • Stronger immunity
  • Glowing skin & hair (really!)

We are the best person to turn ourselves on. The more we enjoy our bodies, the better we get at getting aroused - on our own & with our partners. Masturbating for the win!

Introduce wild & dirty foreplay

2. Introduce Wild & Dirty Foreplay

Great sex starts with great foreplay. Try these 5 simple steps (in this order) to get your partner ridiculously horny and wanting hot, sweaty sex

  1. Sext sexy clips of things you want to do. Tease your partner wild with anticipation.
  2. Play your fav porn in the background. Hearing others moan is a huge turn-on.
  3. Whisper dirty talk in your partner’s ear. Tell them what you want to do. Then do it.
  4. Use a blindfold. The mystery of what next will make ​​every touch feel extra electric.
  5. Add a vibrator like Crescendo with 16 intensities, to experience a deep gradual build up.

Supercharge your foreplay with bendable vibrators like Crescendo or Poco by delivering precise stimulations in hot spots your partner never knew existed. 

Crescendo flexible award

3. Build-up Sexual Tension with Erotic Massage 

Erotic massage is the most luxurious form of foreplay and the best way to get ready for sex. Before you get started, transform your room into a sensual paradise:

  • Prepare your bed by laying a big warm towel
  • Make it dark, light it with a few scented candles
  • Set the room temperature to 25C / 77F
  • Play erotic music like this
  • Get the massage oils warmed up and lubes ready.

Playground of passion

Once you are all set, follow these 5 steps to make your partner’s body your playground of passion

  1. Start with a good back, shoulder and neck massage. 
  2. Move onto the nape of the neck, inner arm and behind the knee
  3. Play with the breasts. Follow the orgasmic breast massage guide.
  4. Massage the feet, then work your way up to the inner thigh
  5. Work outside in. Play with the pubic mound and labia and then dive in when your partner is begging for climax. 

The best erotic massage is a delicate one. Use your fingertips to gently stroke all over her body, almost not touching. Start slowly and build up. Put your strength in the explosive hand sex finish.

4. Masturbate Each Other

App controlled vibrator Crescendo with couple

​​​​Watching her get off to you getting off is an incredible sexual experience. It’s also a great way to build up to hot, intense sex. Try these 5 steps for mind-blowing mutual masturbation:

  1. Get started by lying side-by-side. Rest your leg over theirs. Face each other if you want to take it up a notch with deep eye contact.
  2. In the background, play a short porn clip on repeat. Watching a sexy scene over & over reinforces arousal so the more you watch the hornier you get.
  3. Have hand sex with each other. Grip, grab, go slow, go fast, circle, stroke, thrust. Use your hands as your free sex toy. 
  4. Try next-level tease with an app-controlled wearable vibrator like Poco to control your partner’s stimulation.
  5. Finish with an ultra-flexible vibrator like Crescendo, designed to mimic human fingers and deliver intense G-Spot, penis & anal orgasms.

Mutual masturbation with porn and sex toys is the perfect way to learn what drives your partner wild and release your inner voyeur & exhibitionist at same time.

5. Adventure into New Sex Positions

Doggy sex position with Poco vibrator

Make sex exciting, erotic and explosive, every time. Transform okay sex to mind-blowing sex with exciting new sex positions that stimulate erogenous zones you didn’t know existed.

  • Heels over head: ​​Spread her legs and grab her ankles, lift her legs up and push them back over her head, go in. Perfect for going deep.
  • Bent Over the Bed: Have her bend over the bed, hold her hands behind her back, stimulate her using a bendy toy like Crescendo, then enter her. 
  • Squatting Doggy: Start with doggy, bring her legs together, get off your knees and squat over her and penetrate at a new angle. Perfect for hitting the G-Spot

h vibrator poco g-spot award

  • ‘h’ with Vibrator: Form a ‘h’ with your bodies in doggy. Stimulate the clit with a compact vibrator like Poco while the penis hits the G-Spot.
  • Snared Groundhog: On her stomach, pelvis raised, kneel and mount her from behind. Hold her feet to your side and go in. Perfect for orgasming together.

Bring this to life with a sex position game like the MysteryVibe Playcards. Play rique roulette by spinning a bottle in the middle of playcards. Indulge in whatever sexy position the bottle lands on.

MysteryVibe playcard game adds spice to your sex lifeStart your erotic adventure today and boost your bedroom from boring to orgasmic. Supercharge your relationship with sweaty, erotic, explosive sex, every time.

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