Your Cheat-Sheet To Sexting With Erotic Emojis

The language of love is bringing people closer together than ever before – and non we are not talking about French. Well, maybe French baguettes. ??

Published Jun 11 2019 2 min read

The language of love is bringing people closer together than ever before – and non we are not talking about French. Well, maybe French baguettes. 😅🥖

A recent study showed that single people who frequently use emojis are 54% more likely to be having regular sex than those who stick to old fashioned words! 

Emoticons release you from the alphabetical prison and command an element of playfulness, which is technically what sex is called by the kink scene – “adult play”.

In our technologically advancing world, texting is increasingly the most popular form of communication. Especially when long distance relationships are increasingly the norm.  However, visual cues are vital for human interaction.

When face-to-face with someone, you not only have physical and aural signals, but also the visual cues to help communicate when you’re in the mood. Think cheeky lip bite, a wink or some strong eye contact to show your interest.

But what about writing it down? The tone becomes dramatically harder to gauge…Unless you’re well versed in emoji talk…

Emoji’s add that romantique je ne sais quoi to the equation. So, next time you are desperately trying to flirt via text and your hints aren’t quite being picked up on, use this cheat-sheet to get their emoji fire started. 🔥

Build up the sexual tension with…

  • 😏💭 -  I’m thinking naughty thoughts
  • 🇫🇷💋⚡ - Your french kiss is electric
  • 🤳🍈🍈 - Send nudes
  • 🐍🙊🌵 - Oops, you made me hard

Take it to second base with…

  • ✊🍆💦 - Hand job 
  • 👉👌- Fingering
  • 👋🍑– Ass spanking
  • 🤞😹🚿 – I hope you make me squirt

How about third?

  • 👅🍯 🔄 – I want to lick you round and round
  • 👅🍑 – Rim job
  • 🙇👅 – Cunnilingus
  • 🤤🍌 – Blow job

Why not get your toys involved?

  • 🔋🍆❣️ – Remote control my Crescendo
  • 🤖💄 – Vibrating bullet
  • 🐓💍 – Cock ring
  • 🍑📿 – Anal beads
  • 🍑🔌– Butt plug

Suggestive positions you may want to try…

  • 🐕😎 – Doggy style
  • 👯✂️ - Scissoring
  • 🤠↩️🐮 - Reverse cowgirl
  • 🙇♋🙇‍♀️ - 69
  • 🚿👉👌– Shower sex 

And finally…to indicate when you are finished…

💦 or 🌴 or 🤩 or 🌊 or 💥

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