How To Get My Wife To Peg Me: From Fantasy To Reality

Interested in having your wife peg you but not sure how to ask? Get expert tips for couples looking to explore new sexual horizons.

Published Nov 21 2023 7 min read

Pegging is a sexual practice when one person uses a strap-on or similar object to anally penetrate another person. In the context of this article, it’s a wife pegging a husband. While pegging has gained popularity among couples in recent years, talking about pegging can still feel awkward and intimidating. If you're wondering how to get your wife to peg you, here are some tips and tricks to help you start this conversation without any judgment or pressure.

I want my wife to peg me; is that normal?

Many men have a pegging fantasy, and wanting to share a novel and intimate experience with their wives is the epitome of normal. A massive misconception surrounding pegging is that men who enjoy pegging must be gay. This false belief is rooted in toxic ideas of masculinity, societal stereotypes, and anal taboos. Pegging is about exploring new pleasures and intimacy, regardless of sexual orientation. Sexual preferences don't define one's orientation. The anus has many nerve endings that can provide satisfaction to people of all genders.

Pegging offers unique experiences for both partners. Women find empowerment in taking on a dominant role, shifting power dynamics in the bedroom. This role reversal can provide novel pleasure and a new appreciation of penetrative sex. For men, pegging introduces vulnerability and unique stimulation through anal sex, particularly prostate stimulation, known as the male G-spot. Prostate stimulation can lead to intense orgasms, different from penile orgasms, adding a new dimension to sexual activity.

Adding pegging to your intimate life can spice things up, bringing excitement and breaking the routine. It's important to talk openly about your fantasies and desires to explore this experience.

How to ask my wife to peg me?

Bringing up pegging with your wife may seem a bit daunting, especially if she hasn't shown interest in anal play before. But rest assured, exploring this sexual act can lead to a rewarding experience, fostering deeper intimacy, communication, and trust in your relationship. Here are some practical steps to help you get your wife on board with pegging.

Choose the right time and setting

Picking a proper setting and time to have this conversation can go a long way in getting a positive response from your wife. Find a comfortable and private spot where you both feel at ease and have enough time to talk so that it can come up naturally and organically. Avoid a time when either of you may be stressed, and try to avoid bombarding your wife out of anxiety or impatience to get a response.

Introduce the topic gradually

If your wife isn't familiar with anal play, it's essential to approach the topic with patience and openness. Take it slow, give her time to process, possibly even tabling the conversation to resume on another day if necessary, and be ready to answer any questions she may have.

Be open and confident when discussing desires

No need to be shy about your desires. Be confident when talking about your sexual fantasies. It can help your partner understand why exploring this new aspect of your sex life together is essential and sets an overall positive tone surrounding your shared sex life. Have a candid discussion and provide your wife with the specific reasons you want to try pegging and the benefits both of you can receive.

Use educational resources

Consider using articles, books, or even couples therapy as a way to kickstart the conversation. It can help clear up any misconceptions and create a shared understanding about anal sex and pegging respectfully.

Invest in the right equipment

Include your wife in the shopping and selecting of pegging equipment, such as a strap-on harness fitted for her size, a vibrator, dildo, or other sex toys. Sharing this process together can make her feel more comfortable, considered, and included, turning it into a fun bonding experience.

Take small steps towards pegging

Start with smaller acts of anal play, like using a finger or rimming. These small steps can open the door for a discussion about pegging. Introducing anal sex toys during intercourse can also normalize the experience and set the stage for pegging. Finding the perfect tool that pleases both partners is vital. Vibrators like Molto and Crescendo 2 were made with that in mind.

Molto is an ultra-slim, flexible anal vibrator that is great for beginners to anal play and prostate stimulation. It can be bent to find the prostate with ease, while powerful vibrations arouse it for mind-blowing prostate and anal orgasms.

Crescendo 2 is an award-winning gender-neutral, bendable vibrator known for its incredible versatility. You can bend it into various shapes to target any erogenous zone you desire, including the anus and P-spot. What's so unique about Crescendo 2 is that it's universal and suitable for both partners. It's like owning a whole collection of sex toys in one vibrator.

Understand and address her concerns

Make sure to address your wife’s concerns. It could be about cleanliness or fears about causing you harm. Open communication, sharing factual information, and giving reassurance can go a long way in easing these concerns.

How to address common pegging concerns?

Talking about pegging in your sex life can bring up a mix of emotions and concerns. Some of these concerns are based on misconceptions, miscommunication, or misinformation, and can be addressed through open and honest conversations.

Cleanliness concerns

When it comes to pegging, cleanliness is important. To make sure you're comfortable and safe, here are some tips to prepare for pegging: empty your bowels beforehand, shower together for both cleanliness and intimacy, gently clean the anal area with mild soap and warm water, and you could use wet wipes for extra cleanliness if you like. Keep in mind that using an anal douche or enema is optional and should be done with caution.

Sexual orientation concerns

Many men worry that enjoying pegging might be misunderstood as being gay. It's essential to break free from this stereotype - finding pleasure in anal sex has nothing to do with sexual orientation. Men of all orientations can enjoy anal play, and every man has a prostate regardless of sexual orientation. The prostate can produce orgasmic sensations, and that breadth of pleasure shouldn’t be limited to one demographic due to age-old stereotypes. Reiterate all these facts to your wife and focus on the sensations and not societal expectations when having this discussion.

Fear of inexperience

Your wife may feel nervous about pegging if they lack experience. First times can be intimidating, so be sure to reassure her that you won’t be judging, and you’re in this together. Watching pegging porn videos or pegging tutorials on sex education platforms together can provide insights and boost confidence, helping you both become more familiar with the process.

Fear of causing pain

Your wife may be concerned about causing you pain or discomfort during pegging. Outline a plan that you both can follow to reduce the risk of pain during pegging. Using suitable sex toys and lubricants can ensure a more comfortable and enjoyable experience for both partners. You can also train your anus to make sure your pegging experience stays pain-free. Start slowly and communicate about how to approach pegging in a way that ensures a pleasurable, safe, and comfortable experience.

Respect boundaries

Respecting your wife’s boundaries is crucial when discussing introducing new elements to your sexual relationship. If your wife remains uninterested in pegging after open discussion and addressing her concerns, it's important to respect her stance. While it can be disheartening when your desires aren’t reciprocated, you can try to shift gears and instead of pegging, explore other facets of anal play, like anal fingering. Solo exploration is also an option if your wife is disinterested in engaging in any sort of anal play with you. Your pleasure can still be yours with ergonomic sex toys like the prostate vibrator Molto.


Getting pegged by your wife is a completely normal heterosexual male fantasy that many couples explore in a respectful manner. Pegging is a unique sexual practice that fosters trust, exploration, and shared pleasure in your relationship. It requires setting aside societal norms, open communication, and embracing new intimate activities. Whether you're just starting to explore or looking to broaden your experiences, pegging is an activity that everybody, regardless of orientation or experience, can enjoy. If you’re ready to invest in high-quality pegging sex toys, check out MysteryVibe’s selection of the best male vibrators to elevate your pleasure.

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