11 Mutual Masturbation Positions To Try Together

Unlock new levels of passion with these creative and intimate mutual masturbation positions for you and your partner.

Published May 04 2023 8 min read

Keeping the spark alive in the bedroom is crucial for a healthy relationship. One fantastic way to do this is through mutual masturbation. 

While you may be accustomed to masturbation being a solo act, there are many exciting and creative ways to get your partner in on the fun and make pleasure mutual. Here are some exciting mutual masturbation positions you can try, whether you are together with your partner or in a long-distance relationship. 

6 mutual masturbation positions

If you are looking to experiment sexually, mutual masturbation is a great way to connect with your partner, and here are a few great position to begin:

1. Side-by-side

Lie down next to each other, face to face. As you touch yourselves, allow the intimacy of staring into each other’s eyes to heighten the arousal and intimacy. One of the best things about this position is it encourages closeness between you and your partner. Observing each other in the throes of pleasure creates a powerful bond.

Add a twist to this position by throwing a vibrator into the mix. Crescendo 2 stimulates multiple erogenous zones at the same time so you can have more powerful, blended orgasms (and give your partner quite the show).

2. The 69 

You are most likely familiar with 69 as a sex position, but it also makes for an arousing mutual masturbation position. There are two variations of this repurposed 69; you can either lay on top of your partner - facing opposite directions or lay on your sides facing opposite directions in a sideways 69. These 69 variations give you both a close-up and intimate view of each other’s genitals as you masturbate. 

Spread Eagle Mutual Masturbation Position

3. Show and tell

Sit facing each other with your legs entwined, then take turns masturbating while the other watches. If being in the spotlight makes you nervous, take the pressure off by using a vibrator to add pleasurable sensations that take you out of your head and into the heat of the moment.  

This position is great for visual learners, as you can watch and learn how your partner prefers to touch themselves. It also cultivates vulnerability and openness, as it takes trust to open yourself up to someone in such an intimate way (quite literally). It also lets you have fun and be playful with your partner as you take turns basking in the spotlight.  

Blast Off Mutual Masturbation Tenuto 2

4. The voyeur  

One partner sits or lies comfortably while the other partner puts on a sensual show. The observing partner – or voyeur – can touch themselves as they enjoy the positively provocative view of their partner masturbating in any number of devious ways and positions.

If you get off by watching, this position creates a thrilling experience that can heighten your arousal and excitement. Bonus points if your partner is using a compact, portable vibrator like Poco to tease themselves to climax, leaving you absolutely breathless.  

5. The triangle 

Lie beside your partner with your heads as close together as they can get, while both your legs are spread, forming a triangle. This position allows you both to touch yourselves while being close enough to your partner to encourage intimacy but distant enough to heighten anticipation. 

This position doesn’t give a direct view of each other, but it encourages you both to focus on the senses of touch and sound. If you really want to make some noise for your partner, use a powerful vibrator to stimulate your erogenous zones until you’re singing. 

The Lap Dance Throne of Passion Mutual Masturbation

6. The lap dance 

Who doesn’t love a lap dance? Here, one of you sits on a chair or the edge of a bed while the other partner straddles a lap. Play with facing each other or facing away from each other.

If you are on top, you get to touch yourself to your heart’s content while your partner watches. In this position both partners can play with the power dynamic, making this lap dance incredibly erotic. Kick it up a notch by using Tenuto 2 to enhance the experience. Whether wearing Tenuto 2 on the penis or using Tenuto 2 to arouse the vulva and clitoris, prepare yourself for an explosive ending. 

5 best mutual masturbation positions to try over video

Being physically apart doesn't mean you can't still enjoy mutual masturbation with your partner. Thanks to the internet and a nifty tool called video call, you can connect and share sexual intimacy with your partner, even when you're miles apart. So, let’s get digital and try these video-friendly mutual masturbation positions.

The Solo Rodeo Show Mutual Masturbation Position

1. The solo show 

Position yourself comfortably, making sure your partner has a clear view of your body on your device during the video call. Then, touch yourself either using your hands or incorporating a vibrator for an extra buzz while your partner can’t help but touch themselves at the sultry sight. This position encourages a sense of a shared experience even when you're physically apart. Who knows, you may find the distance to be liberating and try bolder positions you wouldn’t have tried in person. 

2. The simultaneous sensation 

This is a variation to the solo show where you both you and your partner masturbate at the same time while on a video call. While you focus on the pleasurable sensations you’re giving yourself, delight in seeing your partner sharing in the throes of passion. This position encourages a sense of togetherness and shared excitement, even when you're physically apart. 

Hand Solo Tenuto 2 Mutual Masturbation

3. The guided tour 

Instruct your partner on how to touch themselves, and have them do the same for you. This position encourages communication and can lead to a deeper understanding of each other's desires and preferences. Don’t be shy; get explicit, tell your partner exactly what you want them to do and how. 

The Sideways Indulgence Poco Mutual Masturbation Position

4. The sideways indulgence 

You are going to need your hands free for this one, so set up your phone or tablet in a spot that allows your partner get a full view of your body. Lie on your side and place a compact vibrator, like Poco over your clitoris or inside you and squeeze your thighs to hold it in place. Allow your hands to roam over your body as it brings you to orgasm giving your partner an equally erotic view. 

Masterful Stroke With Tenuto 2

5. The strip tease 

Who doesn’t love a good tease? Undress slowly and reveal parts of your body one at a time, playing with the angles of your camera to conceal certain parts. This hide and seek will make your partner’s imagination run wild and keep them on their toes as they eagerly await what comes next. You can experiment with accessories like scarves, ties, or stockings to add a playful twist. 


Trying new mutual masturbation positions with your partner can bring you closer together, both emotionally and physically. It allows you to learn more about each other's bodies, desires, and fantasies while encouraging trust and intimacy. The key to a satisfying and fulfilling sex life is open communication, trust, and a willingness to explore and experiment together. 

If you’re curious about exploring the endless bounds of pleasure available through masturbation, learn how to masturbate with your vibrator for some real toe-curling experiences. 

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