Sex Games For Couples

Your gateway to better sex, this ultimate list of sex games for couples is a wonderful way to break out your routine and spice up your usual date night, from helping you get creative in the bedroom to thinking outside the box, and making sensational (or kinky) discoveries about your sexual fantasies.

Published Feb 12 2021 5 min read

Sex games can be a wonderful way to break out of your routine with your partner and spice up your usual date night. From helping you get creative in the bedroom to thinking outside the box, this ultimate list of sex games for couples is your gateway to better sex, helping you make sensational (or kinky) discoveries about your sexual interests, chatting about your sexual fantasies and making your date night pop!  

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  • DIY sex games for couples

    Adult truth or dare 

    The rules are simple: answer the question truthfully or complete a dare - make this childhood classic kinky by prepping some sensual truth or dares that will have you running to the bedroom.

    Stripper twister

    This classic game just got sexier and a whole lot funnier. You can go full in the nude from the outset if that’s your thing - or alternatively begin Twister wearing the same number of clothes and every time the spinner lands on red remove an item of clothing. If you fall over whilst trying to remove your clothing don’t worry it’s not game over but forfeit time (maybe spanking sparks your desire)! You can shape this game entirely to suit your comfort level and flexibility, how about some licks and kisses as your partner tries to maintain their balance. 


    Sex Game For Couples Strip Jenga

    Strip Jenga

    Jenga is a game cupboard staple but if you don’t have it it’s easy to find and not very expensive. So pick this up when you have sex on your mind. On a few pieces write down sexy dares and truths - how about a striptease? Your favorite sex dreams? This can also be a great way to open up a conversation about your kinks and desires - think strategically and write down sexy things you want to say! Just remember when you’re done not to get this one out at a family affair. 

    What’s your fantasy pictionary

    Now we aren’t talking about drawing a willy for Free Willie but rather drawing your own fantasies and desires. This one is perfect for beginning open and honest conversations about your kinks through the medium of drawing. You can be as silly or as serious as you wish.

    Seven minutes in heaven

    One up from spin the bottle, enjoying feeling like you’re being extra naughty as you and your other half get comfy in the closet together. Lock yourselves away and set the timer for 7 minutes as you enjoy a quickie with a sense of urgency!

    Sex position challenge

    How many positions can you fit into a single session before you reach a climactic finish? This one isn’t for the faint-hearted, so stay hydrated and limber up. You may even break your own personal record. 

    Dirty scrabble

    The same as good old regular scrabble but you only get points for the dirty words you spell out and no reaching for the dictionary to double-check. Every time your partner gets a point, remove an item of clothing. 


    Sex Games For Couples Strip Poker

    Strip poker

    A popular variation of traditional poker, can you out bluff your partner to remain clothed or will you have to bear all? 

    Play dress up

    Less of a game and more a sexy surprise. Don your hottest outfit (the one that makes you ooze sex appeal and confidence) and let the evening unfold.

    Read some Literotica together

    Stimulate your mind and your body by enjoying some Literotica together, switch up your smut by turning on your mind with erotic literature that lets your imagination go wild. is the go-to for sensual words and you are sure to find something to suit your taste and desire.

    Audio erotica

    We mentioned reading smut but how about listening to it? Audio erotica is a great source of inspiration for couples, sit back and listen carefully as you and your partner take turns to pick your favorite aural pornographers. 

    Timed sex play

    Timed play can be fun and really push your buttons if you struggle to keep you cool when you are getting hot and heavy. Randomly allocate time frames to sexual acts such as licking nipples, kissing the neck and once that timer goes off move on to the next one. This is great for getting you both fired up and desperate to rip each other’s clothes off. 


    Couples Sex Position Card Game

    Risqué roulette

    MysteryVibe’s Playcards of sex positions using a vibrator can help spark your imagination and add something new to your sex routine. Set up the Playcards center stage and spin a bottle in the middle. Whichever card the bottle lands on should be indulged in before taking another spin. 

    Blind man’s bluff

    Use a silk tie or scarf and blindfold your partner before doing as you please (with consent of course). Tease them lightly with kisses all over their body, sensory deprivation can enhance sensitivity for your partner and drive them wild.

    Guess what

    Take it in turns to guess the item rubbed all over your body. Try those that leave you feeling tingly with goosebumps all over your body. Ice cubes, feather duster, honey, silk - stimulate their erogenous zones with all those different sensations. 

    Tear your clothes off

    This is something that we see in movies all the time, with the desk being shoved to the floor, buttons ripped off that expensive shirt and ravenous lovemaking commencing. But we aren’t all made of money and some of us value our work documents so instead why not put on some old clothing you don’t mind getting ruined and rip them off each other in a passionate rage.

    Naked pillow fight

    Get your heart racing by playing a sexual pillow fight in real-time. Doing this naked could put a strain on those who are bustier (imagine running up the stairs with no bra on) so some sexy and supportive lingerie is equally as sexy. Now go to town with those feather pillows, expect plenty of giggles and fun.


    Food Games For Couples

    Aphrodisiac delight

    Aphrodisiacs can help get you in the mood so have fun teasing your partner with sensual foods such as chocolate-covered strawberries and whipped cream. Incorporate a blindfold for some sensory deprivation play or eat these delights from each other’s bodies. You could also try drizzling honey over each other’s bodies, letting your partner navigate your body with their mouth to seek out the sweet spot.


    For the actor inside you - why not pick your favorite cinematic couple and make pretend. Wanting to act out those lusty sex scenes in Bridgerton? Then don yourself a gown and enjoy a whirlwind romance.

    Sexy alter ego

    Sometimes it can be hard to find yourself sexual, especially with life stressors getting in the way so why not try becoming someone else… or at least your alter ego? Having an alter ego when it comes to sex can be really empowering. You might wear something entirely different from your usual style or become more dominant than usual. Let your alter ego take the ropes and enjoy the ride. 

    Race to the finish

    Although we are quite often stressing the importance of not being goal-oriented during sex - we wanted to flip this on its head for a sexy game. Watching each other masturbate can be hot, so why not turn this into a race - see who can reach climactic heights first (and no cheating we know a fake orgasm when we see one).


    Kinky Sex Games For Couples


    Tie your partner down (after discussing your own personal rules) and dominate them how you see fit. This could be passionate kissing on top or something a little rougher, turn your bedroom into a sex dungeon for an entirely immersive experience. 

    One word one answer 

    Start with a word, any word and your partner replies with one word - take it in turns to build your love story or a kinky scenario you’re desperate to act out.

    36 questions

    The game that can make your love stronger or make you fall in love. Have fun getting to know each other with these carefully selected questions designed to increase your emotional connection.


    Sex games to buy

    Tried all those DIY sex couples games - well the internet is a hot spot for information and there appears to be plenty of jump-to-it games out there, from kinky apps to sex boardgames just purchase and go.

    Sex dice

    Seen in every joke shop and dimly lit sex shop across the planet, sex dice are easy to use and find everywhere. Roll the dice and do as you're told - with plenty of options to choose from you’ll find yourself licking lips and sucking nipples in no time. 

    Adult Loaded Questions

    Loaded question is centered around the idea that a single question can spark a million different answers and discussions, leading to memorable and funny conversations.

    Talk, Flirt and Dare

    This card game is full of conversation starters, flirty games and sensual dares. All about getting to know each other, make this a date night to remember as you focus on your emotional and physical connection. 

    Our Moments

    Featuring 100 thought-provoking questions that can help you feel more connected to your significant other. 

    Off Topic 

    The perfect game for adults to get the brain juices flowing and stir up some hilarious conversations. As a bonus this game doesn’t have to be between you and your partner - try pulling this out during a dinner party for a real debate.

    Choose your pleasure card game

    A full deck of NSFW cards with sexy scenarios on each, there are even dice with randomized prompts such as tying up your partner or using a vibrator. 


    The sexy card game that lets you explore your partner’s body in the best way, enjoy detailing mini role-play scenarios and feeling the sensation intensities hot up. 

    Sex Board Games For Couples

    Monogamy Board Game

    Monopoly but make it sexy - with over 400 seductive ideas you’ll soon forget you were even playing a game. 

    Oh! Hot Knots Beginner Bondage

    This game is perfect for couples wanting to explore some BDSM, with easy to use restraints and instructions to get you started. You'll be a kink connoisseur in no time. 

    Kama Sutra Position Cards

    Prefer not to be looking at your phone whilst switching up positions - then try Kama Sutra cards with games suggestions and the naughtiest forfeits for the loser.

    O-ing Tower Love

    This is the naughty Jenga all readily assembled for you - with a combination of truth or dare questions and challenges this will certainly have you and your partner ready to burst.


    Sex games for couples on the app store


    Inspired by the Kamasutra this app gives you over 200 sex positions, with positions based around complexity and strength levels you can track your progress as you mark all the positions you have tried.

    Pleasure Machine

    A game that uses an erotic slot machine, featuring time limits and erotic activities - pleasure is a gamble but we will be you’ll both be winning.


    A “Choose Your Own Adventure” game but for your relationship, explore your fantasies and desires through role-playing scenarios on the app. 

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